Things to remember for a best website design
Things to remember for a best website design
07 Jul 2014

Things to remember for a best website design

byBhavesh Dave
Things to remember for a best website design

Search engines are different from real life. They usually do not index a site based on good looks, instead index a website for good content, whereas a normal user will only remember a site if it has something amazing, both in content and design. Users should ignore the advice if it is visually appealing regardless of whether it has great content in it. If you are serious about your online business you have to give time and effort to design your website

There are many web design companies that promise to stick to web standards to build a website. But here you have to decide if companies keep their promises and making search engine friendly websites and, according to web standards or not.
A good web design company will not only prepare a site for you, but I understand the first goal of the company and to make a thorough analysis of market potential before making the layout of the website. A professional web site design company will give details like how the website can increase your revenue with minimal cost and how it can bring potential visitors.
Many new techniques in web design creates problems for corporate websites. Now a day flash used in place of text. Most of the web designers focus on flash, but will not do any good if you are trying to get traffic from search engines.

Flash also increases the size of the web and flash based websites are good for music or movies movies sites, since they require a flashy and eye-catching design, on the other hand, business websites must give importance to credibility, support customers, etc.

Since many users do not like websites are completely in flash, therefore, suggested that if you have a website entirely in flash, then you should also consider a non-flash version of the website too.
There are many times users are not able to see the small text used for small images. This makes the user skip your site and move on to your competitor’s website. A good web designer will always use CSS without using too many images.

Using too images or animated buttons should be avoided as much as possible. It’s annoying when someone searches for important information and the concentration of distraction caused by these animated buttons or flashy banners.