eLeoRex Technologies Canada Inc. Breaks Ground!
eLeoRex Technologies Canada Inc. Breaks Ground!
12 Dec 2021

eLeoRex Technologies Canada Inc. Breaks Ground!

eLeoRex Technologies Canada Inc. Breaks Ground!

Reaching the right audience through the most cost-effective online channels is doubtless a step in the direction of growing your business. It is, however, not the only course of action. A good follow-through to capturing the attention of your leads is to keep them engaged long enough to convert them into paying customers.

We at eLeoRex Technologies believe that a well-developed website or webshop feeds significantly into your marketing efforts. A well-informed UI design, for one, contributes largely to the customer experience and could even be the prime lead conversion tool of any enterprise.

That is why our team not only helps with email and social media marketing strategies but also with web design and development. In-house experts leverage tried and tested technologies to build out clean, user-friendly online platforms.

We have years and years’ worth of satisfied customers under our belt, but it is with great excitement that we greet what is to be a first for our company. We’re happy to announce that eLeoRex Technologies has received its first client rating on the B2B reviews website, Clutch!

This project involved developing an e-commerce marketing agency’s Shopify website. It was a straightforward process of building a fully functional, bug-free platform that housed all the necessary features and API integrations.

The site and all the features that I wanted were delivered on time and without any bugs.”

— Owner, Crystal Lions

Although our experience and knowledgeability are often the selling point, we make sure to never get complacent. As with all of our projects, we approached this with utmost reverence towards the client’s time, budget, and expectations. In the end, we were able to tick all of the boxes.

Apart from starting off on the right foot on Clutch, our company has also garnered a spot on the website Top Design Firms, a leader in the space of B2B directories. There, we rank among the highly-rated design, development, and marketing providers from all over the world!

We are, of course, indebted to our customers — those who have left their honest insight on our work and those who have trusted our abilities leading up to this point. This success is yours as much as it is ours!

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