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Riya Trivedi
Riya Trivedi
Business Developer
Hey gorgeous souls, Riya here from eLeoRex Technologies. Let me introduce myself.

I am Riya Trivedi serving eLeoRex Technologies in the department of Business Development.

A quick look into my educational background. I am a Business Management Graduate pursuing a Master's degree from SOU (Ahmedabad) along with my job. My professional interests are Development and Analytics. Being focused and passionate about emerging new paths and working with determination is my strength.

A small introduction of my journey in eLeoRex, I started my professional career as a Business Development Executive form eLeoRex so it has occupied a special place in my heart. Searching for market requirements, client's requirements, making skillful communication, and being a productive mediator is my method of working.

The best part about working with eLeoRex is the friendly working environment and abiding support from team members. With huge expertise and endless guidance from my colleagues, it becomes so obvious to complete the task of our clients and deliver sterling results.

By passing the time eLeoRex understood my in-depth interest in Social Media Management. They believed in my abilities and gave me the responsibility and an unforgettable opportunity of exploring a new world. The liberty of Managing a thing on your own is the best privilege you can ever have and I got it from eLeoRex.