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Ankita Patel
Ankita Patel
HR Manager
Hello, I am Ankita Patel. I have completed my BCA and PGDCA from MSU, Vadodara, and MBA (HR) from CPIMR, Ahmedabad. I am working with eLeoRex Technologies as an HR & Administrator, Content Writer. Additionally, I am undergoing training to be a Project Manager. I have almost 2.5 years of experience.

I believe teamwork is crucial for long-term visions. It improves productivity, efficiency and provides new learning opportunities. Unless a team is in coordination, effective collaboration is impossible to achieve.

Being an HR professional, I help my firm by creating a climate that continuously identifies and nurtures the capabilities of people. The company's culture, employee advancement opportunities, and career opportunities play vital roles in employee engagement and retention. My responsibility is to ensure the development and growth of all team members and help with the strategic planning of projects. I am passionate about helping everyone. One of the reasons I became an HR professional is because I like to believe in people and their potential. I consider management, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving as my strength. Being diplomatic and having an unbiased perception of issues enable me to be a good HR.

My future goal is to become a proficient project manager. To complete our projects, I emphasize the client's requirements. I make sure all the team members coordinate to complete tasks before the deadline. Productive communication can help speed up problem-solving and help align goals. Communicating with the client at regular intervals avoids confusion, if any, misunderstandings of tasks and reduces erroneousness.

Currently, I am also working as a content Writer. I write blogs for our websites and our services. Also, I generate content for our website.

The best part of working with eLeoRex is flexibility and how I can maintain a work-life balance. The team is incredibly welcoming and helpful. At eLeoRex, we focus on creativity and are open to challenges. I love visiting beaches, sunsets, traveling, and listening to music. I enjoy instrumental music as well. When I am not working, I love to spend my time indulging in activities with my family.