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Hardik Satapara
Hardik Satapara
Frontend Developer
I am Hardik Satapara. I have completed BCA. I am a front-end developer with almost 2 years of experience. I have a passion for Flutter development and my strength is Flutter development, PowerPoint animation, and front end development and in future, I want to continue working on the same.

The best part about working here at eLeoRex is teamwork because I think if we work as a team, work will be faster and better. To complete my projects, I divide the project into small tasks and estimate the time duration for each task.

I like traveling, video editing, photography, kite flying, white board animation and YouTube surfing. My favorite food items are South Indian food, ice cream, Oreo, KitKat, Milky Bar. I like the Avengers series and my favorite avengers are Thor and Ironman.