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Kirtan Khunt
Kirtan Khunt
Graphic Designer
I'm new to this company and work, but I feel like I'm working with Eleorex since many years. I have mixed with the environment here in a way that I could not see myself leaving from here.

I have completed my Bachelor in Design from Gujarat University. I jumped in this field because of my family background and help from my elder brother. I like to work in a team and want my director to clap on my design work.

My favorite quote is 'Work is worship'. I always respect my work and feel proud by working with so many geeks around me in Eleorex. My best memory with Eleorex is playing 'Holi Festival - Festival of colors' with my colleagues in our office. It was so much fun with colors, music, laughs, food and drinks.

I love Pizza and I can have it anytime when I feel hungry or not in a good mood. I don't like pets and non-vegetarian food. I'm just not very comfortable with both of them. The cricket is my favorite outdoor activity and I always play with my friends during weekends. I'm also a religious guy who visit the temple most often.