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Surbhi Agarwal
Surbhi Agarwal
Project Manager
Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives.

My self Surbhi Agarwal post graduated in Masters of Computer Application working as a Project manager at Eleorex Technologies Pvt.Ltd having experience of 1.6 years.

I am very passionate about my job especially in the areas which include management, client communication, and Business Analyst.

I have my expertise in managing the task assigned to me and client communication.

Rome was not built by an individual. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. I believe that teamwork brings innovative ideas and it helps to grow individual performance. To make a work or task successful teamwork is very important. It helps to grow the company.

Punctuality is the most important factor in any field or designation. With it comes teamwork. We should make our customers trust us so in order to build that we should have client communication on a daily basis in order to understand what they want and how we can implement it.

As a Project Manager I would like to be capable enough to lead more teams and bring more business to the IT Industry. In order to do that I should make sure that the requirement by the customer is fully understood by me and I can achieve the commitment in the given timeline.

As a part of my role in an IT industry I would welcome the upcoming talents with innovative and creative ideas and make sure they are provided with necessary resources to showcase their talents.

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their working environment. Working at Eleorex Technologies Pvt. Ltd has given me this. They have flexible time; the other employees are very cooperative and all working here are always ready to help. They provide platforms for the upcoming talents and they make sure they shine like a sun. They make sure that no external factor becomes a hurdle in one's growth.

Well, If I am asked that one thing, I cannot live without that will surely be my cellphone as with it you can be connected to the world.

Many people are tea or coffee people but I am a Bournvita person.

India is a land of festivals but what I love celebrating the most is Diwali the festival of lights. Never let the child in you die and I have made sure It is not. Imagine if I am on a deserted island then I would have made sure that I have my mobile, laptop and most importantly stationary with me to capture the beauty of that island. I am frequently asked if I am a dog or cat person and I would say none as a dog and I share a special relation that we both run in opposite directions as soon as we encounter each other.

I believe food should be grown and not born so I love food which is grown apart from bitter gourd.

Often you are questioned why you work in the IT industry and I believe the answer is simple; Contribution to the world. Man's life needs to work in an easy way and what better than technology. New technologies are invented so that mankind can easily survive.

Working working and not playing is not an ideal idea. Well, I love to play badminton in my free time. With working and playing your appetite needs energy. Well, I love to have fitters, Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine. The weird thing I ate was some Indian veggie besan ki sabji. Everyone has some hobbies, and so do I. I love singing, dancing, reading and drawing. The fear which is very frightful Is water phobia for me. I watch series with superpowers and I wish to have an eidetic memory superpower if one has to provide me with.

I always believe in No one can make you inferior without your conscience. As by hobby tells I Love to draw and listen to music when I am not working. Everyone has their past and So do I. I am short tempered and I still remember I broke the table glass and mirror. As a wife and as a project manager we need to balance our professional and personal life in such a way that none of the both are disturbed because of the other. Work in your working hours.

If I am allowed a one-month leave then I have always dreamed of a European trip so I will definitely go there. I would sound weird If I wanted to be a potato sometimes. Everyone has someone special in their life with whom they want to sit on a beach in beautiful woods. Well that someone for me is my husband as he is my best friend also.

It is good to share or pass on the knowledge if you know about things. If you ask me my second career option would definitely be teaching. We wish to own many things for ourselves. Some wish for their own house, good job but I wish for having my own car.

It may sound weird but getting married was the craziest thing I did. The best part of my job is that the business ideas are positively accepted by the client. East or West India is the Best! But if given a chance to stay in another country then it will definitely be Finland. Everyone wants to be appreciated for the work they do. The one word which I would love to hear from my boss is Proud of you.

We dream of becoming a king someday. If I were asked to be the king for my workplace I would have made sure all the protocols are being followed. All the rules and regulations are being understood by everyone. It should be a happy place for everyone to work. We all need the inspiration to do our job. Mine is the project assigned to me. Dream destinations can be many correct! One of my dream destinations which I definitely want to go to is the Maldives. Some movies inspire us, some are just for entertainment purposes. We all have that one movie where we see ourselves. Mine is The Wolf of Wallstreet.

All of mankind has a secret talent which they hide from everyone. Cooking good food and singing well are mine. There are millions of colors in this world but white is my favorite as it mixes with another and forms a new one. So I want to be a white color if I would have been a crayon.

Everyone is either a marvel fan or DC fan but my favorite character is Hulk as he is strong and he knows when to use his power and how.

I wish to have a biography of my own titled Lioness Who wants to fly. Last but not the least yes I have shoes in my closet which are 2 years old and they are the oldest I have.